Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation

What are Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation?

Graphic Recording is the process of capturing ideas and content, in real time, during a meeting, presentation or other group setting. Typically, the graphic recorder draws and writes in large format in front of the group as information is being shared. The finished result is a large graphic that features both written notes and visuals that showcase the important principles of what was presented.

An effective Graphic Recorder not only utilizes drawing and lettering capabilities, but careful, analytical listening skills to visually organize ideas. For the audience, there is tremendous benefit in seeing concepts that are being presented verbally also take visual form. This promotes engagement, retention and “on the same page” thinking. At the conclusion of the event, the image is usually photographed, digitally enhanced, and shared with the participants in the form of a PDF or JPEG, to have as a valuable reference tool.

Graphic Facilitators use all the same skills as Graphic Recorders, plus they are also utilized to create and lead events such as meetings, planning sessions and group projects. There is active collaboration between the Graphic Facilitator and the other participants to develop ideas and identify & distill important concepts, which are then captured visually in large format.